Join the growing SKD community as we build our new church home!

Located at the corner of Waterfall Road and Route 15 — Haymarket, VA

Why Build a Church?

Build our Church: Building a parish church will allow our community a spiritual home to come together to glorify God and move forward in building God’s kingdom on earth.

What is Our Goal?

Build our Church: As we wrap up our Second Capital Campaign in October 2021, we are positioned for a year-end 2021 groundbreaking. However, to keep the project on track after we complete the site work, we must raise an additional $600,000. Now is the time to show your support. It is important that we have the participation of every parishioner who calls St. Katharine Drexel Mission their spiritual home.

St. Katharine Drexel Capital Campaign brochure

What is Our Current Status?

.SKD Announces Year-End Groundbreaking

June 2021 – We currently have enough funds to begin site work by year end, once we receive final county approval. We have a gap of $600,000 which will be needed in 16-18 months to complete the building of our new church.

We greatly appreciate those who have already contributed to our Capital Campaign. If you have finished your Capital Campaign pledge, we ask for you to prayerfully consider extending your monthly contributions through next spring.

We also encourage those who haven’t yet made a commitment to complete a pledge card and take advantage of the convenience of online donations through Faith Direct.

Step One: Make a Pledge

The first step in supporting the SKD Capital Campaign to build our church is to make a pledge. To enable us to properly track the campaign and secure financing, we need you to complete a pledge card, regardless of how you plan to make your contributions.

Complete a Capital Campaign Pledge Card and place it in the collection basket or mail it to SKD Mission Office, 4100 Mill Creek Rd., Haymarket, VA 20169.

Step Two: Faith Direct

Once you’ve submitted your pledge card, consider setting up monthly contributions through Faith Direct. It’s the convenient way to give!

You may also make contributions by placing your donation in your pledge envelope and putting it in the collection basket or mailing it to the SKD Mission Office.

Take a look at the June 2021 vision for our
St. Katharine Drexel Parish Church

SKDM - Exterior View - June 2021
SKDM - Floor Plan - June 2021
SKDM - Site Plan - June 2021

Support Our Building Fund Today!

As a member of St. Katharine Drexel, we are asking you to consider making a pledge to support the building of our parish church. We know that not everyone can make the same size gift, but we hope everyone will pledge their financial support. Every member of our community is integral to the success of this critical fundraising endeavor.

Please prayerfully consider making a pledge to this important campaign.

Your decision to make an investment in the future of our parish in the Christian spirit of gratitude is a personal one. Consider sharing the gifts God has shared with you.

All contributions from the smallest to the largest are needed and appreciated.

Next Steps …

  1. Complete your Pledge Card!!! To enable us to properly track the campaign and secure financing, we need you to complete a pledge card, regardless of how you plan to make make your contributions.Complete a Capital Campaign Pledge Card and place it in the collection basket or mail it to SKD Mission Office, 4100 Mill Creek Rd., Haymarket, VA 20169.If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Ellen Sivick at (703) 754-8444.
  2. Make it easy! Set up an ongoing monthly contribution through Faith Direct.
Building Project FAQs

For a complete list of frequently asked questions pertaining to the building of our church, please see SKD Building Project FAQs.

The weekly Offertory is a fund that pays for routine operations of the parish.  It includes salaries, rent/mortgage, maintenance, utilities, and day-to-day expenses.

The Building Fund is an ongoing and long term, regular savings account to which parishioners contribute and have contributed to since the Mission was formed in 2002 – and will continue even after this project is completed.  It funds building, and improvement projects, but most of the funds will be used to build a permanent Church.  The current account balance is about $500,000.

The first and second Capital Campaigns are designed to raise funds rapidly to build a permanent Church.  Parishioners are asked to pledge an amount that can be paid at once or over a period of up to 3 years.  The expectation for a Capital Campaign is to raise significant amounts quickly, like a burst, as opposed to routine, weekly or monthly contributions.

Funds from the Building Fund and Capital Campaign will be used to build a permanent Church.

The Special Use Permit approved November 2015 requires us to complete Phase 1 (Parish Center, what we will use as a church) by November 2023.

The capacity of the Phase 1 Parish Center (which we will utilize as the church) is at least 350 seats – about the capacity of the temporary facilities at Bull Run Middle School, and the size is the most significant cost driver along with the site work. The cost includes the design of the Church, extensive site work to prepare the undeveloped land for a building, construction, fit out, and Prince William County permit requirements such as landscaping, paved parking lots, sidewalks, utility work, and entrance and exit lanes.  The cost estimate was professionally prepared, checked, and validated. The estimated cost of our project well within similar recent projects in the Arlington Diocese and the Mid-Atlantic area.

You can contribute to the Building Fund via Faith Direct, monthly envelopes, or mailing a check to the Mission Office. Similarly, you can contribute to the Capital Campaign though the pledge form on the website.

Yes, it’s the most convenient way to support our church.  Faith direct allows you to link payments to bank accounts and/or credit cards.  You can schedule payments to automatically occur monthly or you can make them on a one time basis.  Please sign up at The St. Katharine Drexel code is VA786.

If you would like additional information, please contact Maureen Thomas at (540) 687-6433.

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