Pastor’s Piece – July 11, 2021

I hope that everybody enjoyed the Independence Day. We had a very successful gathering of happy parishioners from both SSM & SKD for the Middleburg firework display. We are all indebted to our Fr. Jon O’Brien Knights of Columbus Council. Thank you, brother Knights for manning the grill et al! Additionally, we thank Dennis and Celeste Corrigan and their Mosquito Joe enterprise. I didn’t suffer one irritating bite.

It’s interesting to think of how our celebration of independence depends on so much. Not only did the nation’s forefathers sacrifice so much to provide us a nation free of tyranny, but how much effort did our fireworks depend on freedom from storm, pestilence, or civil unrest? We are rather very much dependent independents. With good reason we safeguard our independence, as we ought to care for our personal health, but we ought never forget upon which so many blessings depend.

Indeed, like a good parent, our providential God wants us to thrive and be happy. As our parents wish to see us fly the nest, God the Father is the origin of independent living. He gave us a free will to accomplish freedom. Yet at the same time how miserable is the person who wants nothing to do with his parents. Perhaps there is the person with good reason never to speak to his parents, yet we all know that there is a bad reason behind that. God never gives us such a reason to cut ourselves off from Him. The present social discord of our society is symptomatic of this separation from the Source of our concord and peace. We do well to pray and put effort into drawing others back to the origin of He Who provides for our independence.

Those who caught my Mass on Independence Day heard this quote from Professor Daniel O’Connor that I think is worth sharing again. “A kite flies high and free, a marvel to all who see it, precisely because it is anchored. Sever this tether, and it quickly becomes just another piece of litter caught in a tree branch.” (

Various Incidentals:
There is an abundance of Tupperware and other food containers that have become independent from many of you. Perhaps they can return. If not, they’ll find a home in the cabinets of the Parish Hall.

This Tuesday, July 13, there will not be 8:30 AM Mass.

Christ’s Peace,

Fr. Murphy