Pastor’s Piece – June 13, 2021

We changed our Mass time for SKD just in time to avoid some serious heat. 9:00 AM might be a little early for some, but I think that we’ll be grateful as summer gets into full swing.

The big reveal last Sunday at SKD was that we have the green light from the Diocese to begin the church building project. With the approval of Bishop Burbidge, the Diocese and building committee developed a plan that has the potential to have a groundbreaking as early as Dec 1, 2021, depending on final county approval. Since our meeting, the Diocese has assigned a project manager focused on driving to completion the necessary architecture, design and engineering packages. Site preparation for our property on Waterfall Road will be extensive, but we are looking forward to getting the process underway.

The generosity of our parishioners is what has made this possible. Although a church building is now in sight with potential groundbreaking at year’s end, there is still work to be done. In the next 18 months, we will need to raise the remaining $600,000 needed to complete the entire building process. Details about how we plan to accomplish this goal is to follow soon. In the meantime, click to our SKD webpage and consider:

  • Extending your Capital Campaign donation for a few months
  • Contributing to the Building Fund
  • Making plans to participate in our upcoming SKD Golf Tournament on August, 9, 2021.

Calling all rising fourth grade boys and older at SSM parish. Let’s meet after 10:00 AM Mass this Sunday, June 13, and talk about serving Mass. I’d love to train you for an hour, but if you can’t stay, leave your name and number and we’ll find time later on. If you’ve made First Holy Communion and have an older brother who serves, we can find a place for you too in our altar boy ranks.

Christ’s Peace

Fr. Murphy