Pastor’s Piece – August 29

Today’s Pastor’s Piece is a letter from Bishop Burbidge regarding a day of prayer and fasting for peace in our communities on Wednesday, September 9, 2020.

Letter from Bishop Burbidge

Pastor’s Piece – August 22

Last Friday and Saturday ten people in our parish completed their Sacraments of Initiation and were confirmed in the faith. I wish to

• Christian “José Sanchez” Arellano
• Anna “Rita of Cascia” Ferraro
• Eric “Joseph of Cupertino” Montalvo
• Zackery “Sebastian” Montalvo
• Giannina “Fatima” Obando
• Madeline “Augustine” Peters
• César Uriel Cortés-Cortés
• Mayra Graciela Vera-Ramos
• Anthoni Yanel Flores-Arellano
• Candace “Bernadette” Cooper

They have all participated in our parish program over the course of the past year and endured with patience and understanding all of the irregularities
that that entailed. While all of them have pledged to support and promote the faith with the newly received gifts of the Holy Spirit, Candace has taken the extra bold step of converting to the Catholic faith and making us her new family in Christ. It is always a pleasant reminder of the great treasure
that so often we take for granted in the Catholic Church.

Next year’s faith formation is already in the works. We have been reminding parents of the need to register their children for the new year, but I am also considering the need to plan RCIA again in English and Spanish. So far, I have six adults interested in English and one in Spanish. When I say RCIA, this can be convert-class, Catholics adults who need sacraments class or adult members of the parish who just want a refresher course. Please, call the parish office to notify us of your interest or the interest of an associate, and I’ll start planning when and where. The most likely start date is after Columbus Day.

This means that I’ve got to get some vacation time in between now and then. So, you won’t see me this week. As I hope that you are aware, our parish never really “shutdown” during the pandemic, Masses were available  even if they were not scheduled. Nevertheless, it has thrown everybodies’ schedules off and it has finally caught up with us. We’re finally shutting the Masses down. This week Monday – Saturday morning we won’t have Mass. The church will be open during business hours when there is staff to manage it. With all the irregularities, I can’t find a substitute priest to cover for my family’s trip to Virginia Beach this week. As Our Lord responded to His blessed mother’s request to attend a wedding feast, so Mrs. Murphy wouldn’t be too understanding if I was a “no-show” for the family’s vacation.  You’ll be in my prayers as I take the Mass on the road.

Christ’s Peace,

Fr. Murphy

Pastor’s Piece – August 1

St. Alphonsus Liguori – August 1, 2020

Although the Easter Vigil was canceled that doesn’t mean that the Lord’s work of sharing the faith was suspended. We still had souls preparing to join the Catholic Church and adult Catholics seeking full initiation into Christ’s Church. As unique as shutting down the Easter Vigil is to Church history, so we find a unique opportunity in our faith this August.

We celebrate each year the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on August 15 with a Holy Day of Obligation. This year with Holy Day and Sunday obligations lacking, we have the opportunity to have Mass Saturday night in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Sunday as the XX Sunday of Ordinary Time. I desire to use our weekend feast day to mark the significance of welcoming at least six members of our community into full communion with Christ and his Church. So, on Friday, August 14, we will have the Sacraments of Confirmation and First Holy Communion ministered in Spanish at the 6:00 PM Mass, and on Saturday, August 15, we will repeat in English.

This is a very hope filled time to celebrate God’s blessings shining through some dark clouds. Nevertheless, if you have adopted Saturday evening Mass to experience a Sunday Liturgy, please note that this year it will be the Mass for the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Additionally, if you attend a Saturday evening Mass assuming that the vast majority of the congregation will be wearing masks, this may not be your hoped for circumstance.

Sunday Mass at Four Hills Farm

We are pleased to share that a parish family has graciously offered their family barn as a temporary home for us to celebrate Mass!  We have been working out the details and are overwhelmingly thankful for this opportunity.  As you know, PWC intends to keep schools closed for awhile making it obvious we are without a Spiritual Home.  It is so sad that we have had no place to worship.

Thankfully, we now have a new temporary home! The joy of again seeing the families of SKD while praising our Lord, will be wonderful.  We have truly missed you!

 So, here are the important details:

Time:  9:00AM
Four Hills Farm
4610 Sudley Road
Catharpin, VA 20143

  • Please stay home , if you feel sick, have a fever, sniffles, or cough.
  • Parking – for most will be down the hill and to the left after passing through the entry gates.  For those who require assistance, drive up the hill and park near the barn entrance.  A ramp is located on the left side of the barn.
  • Wearing a mask.  Bishop Burbidge expects it.  Governor Northam wants it worn but makes allowances for health (mental or physical).  And,  Fr. Murphy will don one for the distribution of Holy Communion.
  • Hand Sanitizer is located at both entrances for your use upon arrival and departure from Mass.
  • Seating – We will do our best to keep everyone seated  6’-0” apart.  Families can be seated in close proximity.  Our Ushers will help shift chairs as needed.
  • Seating – inside will be limited.  Please consider the reduced occupancy when planning your arrival. We encourage you to pack up your lightweight spectator chairs so you can take advantage of sitting outside when necessary.
  • Restrooms are available-wash hands for at least 20 seconds.
  • Collection baskets – will be at each entry to prevent contact as baskets passed around.
  • No Air Conditioning – The barn has ceiling fans that keep the space comfortable during the morning hours.
  • Exiting the Farm – Please exit to the right, toward Manassas.  Visibility is reduced as the road curves just before the driveway.  This will also allow for a smoother departure.  You can turn around at the Alvey Store/ gas station on your left or take a right on Pageland and follow it to Rt. 29 / Gainesville.Father Jon O’Brien Knights Knights of Columbus Council are vigilant about set up and sanitizing all chairs. Indoor seating is set up as follows: single chairs, pairs of 2 and family group of 4, all properly distanced. For outdoor seating, the Knights are setting up a tent. Parishioners may bring lawn chairs and attend Mass outside near the barn. The sound system is excellent.  You may also contact Jeff Carnicelli, Grand Knight, Father Jon O’Brien Knights of Columbus with questions at (703)407-0979.