Pastor’s Message – COVID-19

I hope we are all faring well and that these difficulties may fair off soon. In the mean time it is important to review some incidentals around the parish.

  • Blessedly our churches have not been closed and you may find the church open generally on most days from 6:00am to 8:00pm.
  • You may rest assured that we are sanitizing the church daily with a troop of generous volunteers.
  • Although the Holy Water Fonts have been removed for health reasons that doesn’t mean that Holy Water isn’t healthy. For your spiritual well being you may find it where it always is, in the ushers closet. It hasn’t been placed there to keep it from you, but rather to keep it out of sight of the children who find it an irresistible plaything.
  • Our Confession schedule is just about normal: Wednesday & Friday night 6:30-7:30pm, After Friday morning Mass, Saturday 3:45-4:45pm
  • Bishop Burbidge has obliged his priests to offer Private Masses for your intentions. What this means:
    – Private Mass is a non publicized Mass.
    – Those who happen to be praying in church at the time of such a Mass are welcomed to come to Holy Communion if they are well disposed.
    – If the church has reached its 10 person recommended capacity, one may listen outside through the exterior speaker system.
    – The parish hall has proven to be a fine setting for worship the past two summers. Also it is has a ten person capacity and a speaker system.
    – Those coming to Holy Communion can use the Altar Rail to indicate a desire to receive.
    – Those in the Parish Hall and outside the church can wait in place and I’ll come to them.
  • Every pastor is obliged to offer one Sunday Mass Pro populo, i.e. for the well being of the souls of his parish living and deceased. Bishop Burbidge has given me permission to offer two Private Masses on Sundays.
  • In addition to offering Mass daily, we priests have an obligation to pray the prayers of the Church in the Liturgy of the Hours (LOH).
    – I pray my LOH before I offer Mass.
    – Ordinarily I do this privately, unless I’m with my brother priests at those proper hours.
    – The Liturgy of the Hours is traditionally prayed in Latin, but it is also prayed in our parish in English or Spanish:
    § Matins – Office of Readings or oficina de lecturas
    § Lauds – Morning Prayer or laudes
    § Terse – Midmorning Prayer or tercia
    § Sext – Midday Pray or sexta
    § Non – Midafternoon Prayer or nona
    § Vespers – Evening Prayer or vísperas
    § Compline – Night Prayer or completas
  • On Sunday I wish to pray some these in the church:
    § Lauds or Morning Prayer at 8:45am
    §Terse or Tercia at 10:45am