Update: Building Committee Latest News

Father Murphy, Lori Trout (SSM and SKD Business Manager) and I met with the Diocesan Building Commission on October 28, 2019.  The purpose of the meeting was to formally review our plan to build a permanent church (Phase I), gain feedback, and seek approval to move forward for the next step in the Diocesan planning and construction process. Senior clerical and lay members of the Diocese attended, along with external advisors. The meeting was extremely positive and the support for our project is strong.  Those in attendance recognize the unique position we are in: as a Mission in a fast growing area; people who’ve been attending Mass in a gym or cafeteria for 19 years; and with the dual challenges of a relatively small current Mission population and a building site that will be expensive to develop.  The commission members were pleased by the level of participation in the Capital Campaigns (about 45%) and were impressed with the amount of money collected and pledged thus far (over $2.8M). 

The next step in the process is to solicit and select a Design/Build Contractor and the Diocese will be integral to that process.  We anticipate interviewing firms and making a selection by the end of the calendar year.  The first task will be to develop a refined estimate for site work and the building. The second task will be to advance the conceptual design to the preliminary stage. Our Site Plan Development Permit is also pending with Prince William County (originally submitted approximately 1 year ago) and we anticipate finalizing the application, based on County comments and inputs, within the next few months.  With permit approval, a refined estimate, and more design information, we will then update our financial model to ensure we can afford not only to build but also to sustain the church.  We estimate that within the next 12 months, and assuming we all fulfill our financial pledges and continue to financially support SKD, we will then seek formal approval of a loan package from the Diocese to enable project completion by November 2023.

In the meantime, please pray that our project is successful.  If you have not yet made your pledge, now would be a great time to help us move forward in building our church!

Thanks for your continued support,

David O’Flynn
SKD Building Committee Chairman